The Art of Creation (Part 1)

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How do you start a song? Most people will tell you that it’s something that just strikes you…

I call that a ton of cr*p. You can kind of force yourself to make something. When you have a general idea and written it down or recorded some of it, more creative things will naturaly be added. Maybe not the first time, but when you listen to a lot of music with much variation in style, ideas will come.

A lot of musicians like to write the music before adding the lyrics. Sometimes it’s not bad to work the other way around. You can try to write a nice text and just give it a nice melody in your head. I’ve often experienced that some lyrics just give themselves a melody. It’s like listening to some of your favorite songs, most of the lyrics probably wouldn’t sound as good with another melody other than the original.

Another idea is to grab a piano or a guitar and just strum some chords and trying to sing over it, some of my friends just sit down on the couch and start singin’ random sentences. It’s not a very high quality idea but it helps to get what’s in your mind(although you may not realize it) out in the world.

I have to say that altough you can force yourself to make music, the best ideas come from coming up with ideas just out of the blue. You’re reading the paper and suddenly something hits you… You’re playing the guitar and you just happen to play a really nice riff…

There are no rules to making music and there never will be, don’t let an idea go to waste because music theory tells you it is not 100 percent like the books.

Have a great musical day.