Future of Rock Music

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Is rock music dying? Has electronic and pop music taken over the minds of the general population?

Big music companys nowadays greatly advertise their pop music? Why? Because they make money out of it. Musicians(if you want to call them that) like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, … make such mainstream music the general population likes it. Youtube views on youtube quickly run into the tens of millions for music like this. It’s no ones fault really but it should be noted that we are responsible too.

When Miley Cyrus brought out ‘Wrecking Ball’ I wanted to know what all the news was about so I watched it and I talked about it. I probably shouldn’t have since I think it is a terrible song. When I listen to ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Bruce Springsteen, a masterpiece, my mind unfortunately¬†always thinks about the ‘other’ one.

You also have to compare the number of artists in the pop scene and in the rock/metal/alternative scene. There are only a few extremely popular pop artists but there are a huge amount of smaller rock bands. Almost everyone I know knows a few bands that almost nobody else has heard about, it’s great really. It helps everyone to get their own musical personality.

I also still have to meet the first person whose only music he listens to is pop or EDM music. Everyone knows classic songs, not all of them, but everybody knows some of them and that makes me happy.

The biggest problem with bands nowadays is that they desperately want to sound like older bands. They put it in a modern jacket and they just try to copy it. Most of the times this makes very boring music, wich some people like, but it’s not enough to convince te general public of your music. Don’t get me wrong, Led Zeppelin can be a huge influence on someone without that person copying it’s style but it’s just so rare nowadays. Bands like Muse have taken rock music and changed it to fit their taste and style, the new album of Arctic Monkeys has a wonderfull fresh sound so things are not hopeless but a lot of bands should realize they need something new.

Maybe I’m just annoying person going on and on about this. In the past things were probably the same but if you ask me, rock music has to stay. I believe nobody can deny that the quality of a Foo Fighters record is way higher than the quality of a One Direction album.

My hopes lie in the future of those who are now young, I do not believe that someone with a normal mind can keep listening to crappy music forever, at some point everybody’s tastes change to something more mature and sophisticated.


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