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A lot of things interest me in life. Technology, politics, psychology, sports, … But still the most profound one for me is music.

I’m yet another one where the music speaks more to me than any other means of communication.

I do not think people would say i’m a musical person when they’ve just met me, I do not believe I spread that kind of vibe.

I guess it’s always been there for some part, altough I never realized completely how deep the connection went.

The longer I wander this world, the more I realize i try to explain everything in songs, at least in my own head.

It’s something that comes naturally with me, I can’t help it.

I do however not see it as a bad thing, it helps me to get stuff done and for the most part I really enjoy life.


So from my passion with music comes my passion with creating music. It has always been something that I needed to do.

In this blog I will tell and explain you lots of things.

I will show you how to play guitar.

I will review albums, old or new.

I will explain you how to mix your own recordings.


As long as it has something to do with music it has something to do with me.

Music is our language.


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